Genre and Assignment Options

Genre and Assignment Options

To support the diverse goals, talents and interests of our students, Chase Hill tutorial programs offer total flexibility regarding assignments:  Families are welcome to use their own assignments, assignments required for other classes, or assignments that we offer at no additional charge.    While we often create custom assignments for students with special interests, our selection of writing assignments includes a wide variety of genres and topics in the following areas:

  • Academic Writing

Academic assignments provide practice in standard expository modes such as description, narration, compare/contrast, cause and effect, critical and literary analysis, and argument.    Assignments vary in both complexity and subject matter, accommodating a wide range of student interests, thinking styles and writing objectives.

  • Creative Writing

Creative Writing assignments provide generative starting points and continued support for works of poetry, fiction and drama, as well as less traditional genres such as nature writing, memoir, and experimental forms.     Assignments encourage the exploration and development of such features as voice, structure, perspective, intention, detail and form.

  • Mindful Writing and Inward Exploration

Mindful Writing  assignments offer opportunities for students to bring mindfulness into their writing, an interdisciplinary combination which many find not only deepens their practice of conscious living but also opens the door to new ways of writing.  For older students, Inward Exploration assignments invite the discovery and exploration of the themes that underlie our conscious, daily minds, creating a safe, artistic space for inner growth and development–as well as some fabulous writing.