Chase Hill tutorial programs have open enrollment throughout the year; however, spaces are limited and fill quickly.    To register for one of our programs, or to be added to our wait list, please follow the instructions below.  Whether we have an opening or not, you will receive a reply in one to three days.

Register in Three Easy Steps:

Step 1, Student Information Form and Writing Sample:  If you are interested in one of our tutorial programs, please fill out a New Student Form; this will help Mary understand your objectives and preferences in writing instruction.     Included on the Student Information Form is a section in which you can “paste” a sample of your or your child’s writing;  in order to give Mary an idea of the student’s skill level, the sample should be at least three – five paragraphs long (or one to three poems) and written without assistance.
Step 2, Consultation:  After receiving your New Student Form, Mary will contact you to  schedule a brief consultation via telephone or Skype to discuss your writing objectives, to determine what the student’s first writing assignment will be, and to schedule the first tutorial.    For families with younger students, an initial Skype meeting can be a nice opportunity for your child to “meet” Mary and begin to create a sense of rapport.
Step 3, Registration and Payment:  After your consultation, we will send you an invoice from Paypal with the appropriate fee for the first month (or in the case of  Single Project Tutorials, the first project).   Payments should be made prior to your or your child’s first tutorial session.  Tuition payments are handled through Paypal and can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. The transaction will take place over a secure Internet connection; your personal information and credit card number will be encrypted and sent directly to Paypal.  The Chase Hill School will not have access to this information.