Registration Policies


Because of the quality of  our teacher-student interaction and the time Mary spends on each piece of student writing, the Chase Hill School can only accept a small number of students each semester.  Tutorial programs are individually tailored to the student, with a weekly or bi-weekly schedule agreed upon in advance; student writing is generally returned with tutorial in one to three days.  Courses have fixed due dates for assignments, with student writing returned within one week.

While every attempt will be made to adhere to our schedules, we reserve the right to adjust schedules as necessary, and we will contact you in advance if there is a pending conflict.     If you have have a scheduling conflict regarding a tutorial assignment, please notify us in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs so that a session is not “missed.”    If you have a scheduling conflict regarding a conference or Skype session, please try to notify us 24 hours in advance.

Tuition Payments

Tuition payments are handled through Paypal. Tuition can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. The transaction will take place over a secure Internet connection; your personal information and credit card number will be encrypted and sent directly to Paypal. The Chase Hill School does not have access to this information.

Program Software Requirements

In order to participate fully in tutorials, you will need a personal computer with an internet browser, email, Skype and Googledocs access.  If it is agreed upon that Skype, video and/or audio chatting will occur, you will need the required hardware and software.    Please let us know if you cannot meet these requirements; we may be able to create a workaround.


Students will not be graded on writing assignments; they will get the most out of their Chase Hill instruction by fully participating:  this means doing all of the assignments as well as possible, submitting them by the date expected, carefully reading the comments and feedback and asking questions when they arise.

There is no set time that students need to be working on their assignments; however, submitting the assignments in a timely manner assures that Mary will have ample time to provide constructive comments and that the student will not have to “miss” a session or an opportunity to revise his or her work.      We strongly discourage students from rushing through their assignments and writing process;  we encourage them to take the time to absorb the assignments, comments and feedback and to take the time to craft a thoughtful piece of writing.

Grades and Degree Credits

These online tutorials are not graded, and we do not confer any type of academic credit.


The Chase Hill School will not release any information to any third party that contacts us unless you have requested it.

International Students

We welcome students from around the world; Paypal will accept different forms of currency in a sum that is equivalent to the US dollar fees list on the site.