Parent and Student Testimonials


“I appreciate how Mary is relentlessly positive with my daughter, making the difficult task of good writing more enjoyable.  But she also does not allow my daughter to get away with writing errors.  She points out her mistakes with encouragement and humor.

Mary’s education and training shine through in her comments on my daughter’s papers.  In addition to helping with conceptual areas such as thesis development and general structure, she points out misplaced phrases, punctuation errors, and subtle but significant grammatical mistakes that I would have completely missed.  We really feel that Mary is on our side!”

–Vida (parent, San Francisco Bay Area)


“Mary has an eye for detail while she reviews the student’s writing in a systematic manner, first focusing on the big ticket items and then on the minor issues.   Her comments are written in a way that persuades the budding writer to see the errors in his writing, without trampling on his ego.  And she writes a nice, encouraging letter with every session that brings out the best in her students.  We are very pleased with the effort and sincerity she puts into her work.”

— Meena (parent, Bangalore)


“Mary has a gift for helping writers explore and expand their developing skills in each step of the writing process and for providing feedback that helps her students understand how to improve their writing.   This year, for the first time, my son has seen the importance of editing his work. Thank you, Mary!  You have encouraged him to be a more confident and independent writer. “

–Kelly (parent, San Francisco Bay Area)


“Mary is a gem.   She teaches me so much about writing, and she does it in such a supportive and friendly way.”

–Michelle (18,  Massachusetts)


“I think Mary is a great teacher.   I really like the way she teaches me and the way she helps me to understand what to do and what not to do in my writing.   I’ve learned how to write better, and I’ve learned how to ‘see’ things from the reader’s point of view.  Before my sessions with Mary, I didn’t know whether or not other people would understand what was going on in my writing, but now that I’ve learned how to revise my work with my readers’  point of view in mind, I know that they will.  I like everything about my tutorials.

–Simona (11, San Francisco Bay Area)


“Mary has taught me so much about writing this year; she has turned me into a real writer.”

–Daniel (20, Maine)


“Mary gives concise comments, and I like that she gives me various alternatives, leaving me in control of the writing.”

–Ram (11, Bangalore)


“Mary has greatly helped me improve my writing.   After only a few months of working with her, I feel that I know a lot more about writing than I used to and can now easily turn my thoughts into words.  I would definitely recommend her!”

— Jennifer (11, San Francisco Bay Area)


“Mary’s comments are detailed and specific. I like the way she praises my writing.“

— Mani (11, Bangalore)


“I like being one of Mary’s students.   I like the way she teaches me.“

–Sam (12,  San Francisco Bay Area)