Tutorial Programs

Tutorial Programs

The Chase Hill School offers several different tutorial program options.  In addition to weekly, bi-monthly or single project options, we offer tutorials in two basic formats: for those who like to learn “in person,” we offer Standard Tutorials (conducted via Blackboard or Skype with Googledocs); for those who prefer to work with their instructor through written correspondence, we also offer Written Tutorials.  (See below for more information.)  These personalized programs are suitable for students working at any level, from middle-school through college, and in any genre–from persuasive essays to poetry.

To support the diverse goals and  preferences of our students, our tutorial programs allow complete flexibility in regard to assignments and the content of student work:  while many families enjoy using the wide range of  assignments that we offer, families are also welcome to use their own assignments, assignments required for other courses, or whatever combination best suits their approach.

While each session is individually designed to suit the needs and learning style of the student, our tutorial programs commonly include the following:

  • assistance during pre-writing (assignment analysis, topic development, thesis refinement, outlining)
  • instruction and assistance in organization, drafting, revision and polishing
  • critical thinking practice and application
  • instruction and practice in a variety of rhetorical modes such as comparison and contrast, critical analysis, cause and effect, and argument
  • targeting and addressing areas of weakness in a private lesson format
  • instruction in the finer points of style, structure and voice in advanced academic and literary writing
  • advice and encouragement about the writing process, student’s goals and challenges


For many students, learning works best “in person.”  Using Blackboard or Skype with Googledocs, these high-quality, one-hour sessions allow teacher and student to discuss and work synchronously on shared drafts of writing, outlines, assignment analysis or exercises designed to address their areas of weakness.   Standard Tutorials work in the same way as traditional “in person” tutoring, but with these added benefits: Mary reviews the student’s work prior to the appointment (which saves tutorial time); and she follows up on each tutorial with a friendly note to the student and/or parent, reviewing the key points and goals of the session.  This keeps the content “current” for the student and helps to promote a continued sense of support between sessions.  Parents who would like to observe or participate are always more than welcome.


Others learn best in the quiet of the written page, preferring a written correspondence with their instructor to the more “conversational” mode of the Standard format.   These students receive constructive written feedback on each successive draft of writing, into which Mary inserts detailed comments and revision suggestions.   With each submission, students also receive a letter from Mary, giving an overview of their work’s strengths and weaknesses, up-beat and encouraging advice on how to improve it, and feedback on the progress shown in each revision.  (If you would like to view samples of Mary’s written tutorials, please write to Mary at mary@chasehillschool.com: We will be pleased to send you some.)


  • THE CHASE HILL STUDENT PROGRAM   four weekly tutorials (Standard or Written) $360 per month

Whether conducted in a written format or via Skype, this program is the first choice for families and students who want exceptional weekly instruction in writing.  Students in this program develop their writing skills through extensive, guided revision and personalized lessons and exercises, designed to address their evolving needs as their level of proficiency increases.   Tutorials cover all phases of the writing process–from pre-writing and outlining to publishing.  For students working on academic projects of 1 – 10 pages, each month usually focuses on a new piece of writing: The first session may assist with assignment analysis, thesis development, and outlining.  The following three sessions usually focus on drafting and revision; then the cycle begins again.    For students writing longer pieces and creative writing projects such as novels, plays, memoirs or poetry, the content of sessions depends on what the student is working on that week.

  •  THE CHASE HILL STUDENT BI-MONTHLY PROGRAM  two monthly tutorials (Standard or Written) $190 per month

This program is identical to the Chase Hill Student Program, except that tutorials take place every two weeks: perfect for students with longer pieces, who enjoy more time for revising between meetings.

  •  THE CHASE HILL SINGLE PROJECT OPTION  thorough revision assistance on three drafts of a single project (Standard or Written) $295*

Designed for students who would like assistance with their writing but do not wish to enroll in an on-going program, this option is recommended for students who have only one or two specific goals per writing project and/or for students whose work needs substantial improvement in no more than two of the following areas: Refinement and effective presentation of thesis, argumentation, organization, paragraph development, sentence or paragraph transitions, sentence structure and variety, punctuation, consistent use of “voice” and tenses.    *This price is based on a length of up to 2,500 words; the charge for each additional 1-500 words is $45.



The Chase Hill School is an approved vendor for Ocean Grove and South Sutter Charter Schools.  If you would like Chase Hill programs to be approved by your charter school, please contact Mary for more information at mary@chasehillschool.com.


Each academic year, the Chase Hill School has a limited number of partial scholarships for creative writing students whose families are eligible for financial assistance and whose work shows exceptional talent.   For more information, please contact Mary at mary@chasehillschool.com.